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Spiritual Development Tools

Intuitive Angel Card readings are available by appointment £25 for 30 minutes.

Workshops and Taster Days 2023

Angel Card Reading Workshop



Spend a fun afternoon in the company of Angels and learn to trust your intuition when performing card readings.

You will learn how to cleanse and bless your cards, use a dozen different methods for selecting cards and lots of practical exercises to build your confidence.

This half day workshop costs £40 and includes refreshments

Animal Reiki



When we are attuned to Reiki we can use this beautiful healing energy on every living thing and objects too

You can use Reiki on your pets, wild animals or insects.

This short course will give you all the information and techniques you need to be confident and

competent when working with animals.

This is a one-day workshop and there are case studies to complete in order to receive your practitioner certificate. £75

Angel Days


Many of us feel like we are just existing and plodding through life, but we can really live our lives joyfully if we know how to listen and tune in to the guidance which is always available to us.

Many of our Guardian Angels are probably shaking their heads in despair and frustration as they so want to serve and guide us, but their loving messages are mostly ignored and we continue to repeat the same patterns over and over.

You see they cannot step in and help us unless we ask, as they are unable to interfere with our free will.

These workshops will help you to contact your Angels and really connect with them so you can co-create your dreams and desires, heal yourself, find out about and work towards your life purpose and make the necessary changes to steer your life in the right direction.

There are four one-day courses in this series… £60 per course

  • Inviting Angels –  Inviting your Guardian Angels and Specialist Angels in to your life.

  • Archangel Assisted – Working hand -in- hand with the powerful and mighty Archangels. Arch -Angel Assisted, is like being hooked up to a triple ‘A’ battery – the power of three. Helping you to shine your light.

  • Ascended Masters – Invoking the wise, benevolent and compassionate Ascended Masters to guide you through life’s ups and downs.

  • Service and Gratitude – working with the Angelic Realms to make the world a better place, sharing your love, light and serving others one person at a time.


New Workshops and Taster Days

coming soon...



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