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  Holistic Therapy Workshops 

As you intend -  so it will be...

Courses and Workshops


I teach and facilitate a wide range of courses and workshops for holistic therapies, healing and spiritual development.

My experience spans over three decades and all of my attunements have been received face to face with a Master Teacher.

I am also a qualified teacher of further education and used to teach adults at our local college full-time.

Choosing your teacher or mentor needs careful consideration to ensure you are properly trained so you are confident to carry out therapies on the wider public and be able to charge for your services.

I teach from the heart and ensure that everyone leaves my courses motivated and fully equipped to be wise, loving, and professional therapists.

My students know that they can contact me at any time if they have any questions or maybe need advice regarding client care.

The courses and workshops are held at our purpose-built training room behind our shop a peaceful and tranquil space in the centre of town

Intention is the trigger for transformation

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