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The largest selection of Tarot and Oracle Cards for miles and all the space clearing tools you will ever need at With Intention

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Other services...


Angel Healing Card Readings

I am a certified Angel card reader trained by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

Together we will ask the Angels for guidance regarding the situation/circumstances you wish to have clarity about and ask for unmistakable signs for you to follow for the most benificent outcomes for all concerned.


Contact me for an appointment 

£25 per session

Elemental Space Clearing



I have been an Energy and Space Healer for many years – more recently I had the most wonderful opportunity to study Elemental Space Clearing with the world renowned author and teacher Denise Linn.

Using the premise that everything is energy and that energy is all around us, and that this energy is constantly vibrating at different frequencies -  it is possible with our intention to raise vibrational energies of places, people and buildings bringing them into balance.

It is important to clear energy in our homes (or individual rooms) when we move house, after an illness, loss, trauma or arguments in order to remove any negative or stagnant energy so that we feel comfortable and balanced in our surroundings.

We can also use Space Clearing to enhance our businesses, careers or to help mother nature after a natural disaster etc.

I can come to your home or place of work to provide this service for you and we work together throughout the ceremony.

My fee is £40 per hour

I also offer workshops to enable you to perform your own energy clearings

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