"A shop full of intrigue and magic"


We are open 5 days a week. Tuesday to Saturday 10.30am - 4.30pm
                  We are closed on Sundays and Mondays

An Aladdin's cave of beautiful gifts and unique designs for Mind, Body and Spirit


Space Clearing
Incense from £1 per 20
Resins from £1.99
Sage from £3.99
Palo Santos from £1.45
Smudging feathers from £1.95 fans from £3.99
Also available abalone shells, charcoal discs, incense/cone holders, smudging bowls and ting shas


Rings from 95p
Handmade inspirational & healing jewellery...
Bracelets, pendants, earrings, anklets and charms from £1.95


Handmade Angel Jewellery
Angel charms from £1.99
Pocket Angels
Ornaments from £2.99
Crystal Angels
Handmade rainbow makers
Handmade Angel runes
Angel oracle cards from £7.99

Crystal healing pendulums from £5.99
Also available pendulum boards, chakra healing sets and dowsing rods.

Witches, Nordic and Angel Rune sets.
Lovely handmade rune sets... wooden, gemstone, glass and clay from £5.99
Altar Stones also available

The largest range of crystals for miles, respectfully displayed and blessed with Reiki.
Prices start from £1.45

Oracle Cards

The largest collection of Tarot and Angel Cards for miles


All colours and shapes & so many designs from £3.99


Spell candles all colours 50p 
Pillar candles from £3.99
Dinner candles from 75p
Tea lights, wax melts, jar and chakra candles also available.

Spa Products

Natural soaps, exquisite bath salts, fun bath bombs everything you need for some well deserved time out

Suncatchers and
Rainbow makers

Many are hand made by us and therefore exclusive designs, making them a very special present indeed.
Prices from £5.99


Beautiful windchimes in wood, bamboo and metal from £4.99 

Essential Oils

Huge range of essential oils, massage oils, room/aura sprays and diffusers from £1.99