When you book a therapy session or workshop at With Intention.

You are not just investing in a moment in time...but in over 25 years of experience.

We have moved premises, the Therapy room is almost complete and the training room is being built  - some courses are on hold, please contact me for dates...  

Practitioner courses, spiritual development workshops and taster days...




Usui Reiki 1

Course dates...


Usui Reiki 2

Course dates...


Usui Reiki Master Teacher

As and when students

are ready 1 to 1

Reiki Refresh Day

Angelic Reiki 1/2

Course dates



Angelic Reiki 3/4



 Chakra Balancing

Healing System with Crystals



Angel Card Reading

1/2 day workshop

Animal Reiki

Angel Days... TBA

Inviting Angels

Archangel Assisted

Ascended Masters

Service and Gratitude


Taster Days coming soon...


Angel Days   

Law of Attraction    

Rustic Runes     

Vision Boards

Fingerprints & Your Life Purpose

Space/Energy Clearing



Simple Feng Shui

Crystal Awareness Days

Cosmic Ordering


Other events...


Monthly Reiki Shares

Monthly Angel Guide





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Course dates/events

Do everything with the highest intention...

I will run extra courses at a mutually convenient time for two or more people booking together